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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

people that always beside me!

weee!skula da na bukak!yay
ouh,lme nye rse ta jmpe fwen2 kt skuwl..he
mish you laa atien,khalidah,madiha n others..
hmm,tpy,after sckul start..erhh
no more fb,
no more blogger,
no more mae fon burok..he
n no more mae wawans!waaa
i cant face these!
next year i am the SPM candidate
ha ha ha
so,im da senior !yeeha,he
no play2!
FARAH!must be patient for one year!
and must rmember my goals!!he
kt cni,sspe kwn2 yg folloe blog farah,
n sspe yg bce ni,
farah na mntak ampun dri ujung kaki smpai rmbut kalu
adew uat salah clap..
next year xdpt da sntuh bnda ni(komputer suck)he
k laa,love you all!he

truly..FARAH <3

Monday, December 20, 2010

erhh, i have to foget you now!
but it very hard foe me to do that~
hmm,sdih wess pkir ko you!
sy taw saya da buat silap op besa..
wat bndo op xptot ko you.. mntk maaf sgt!
sy akn sntiasa egt awk..
egt ape yg kte lalui..thanks!

truly..FARAH <3

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

urmm,mish mae fwen a lots...
geram oumh rse xlei jmpe kamu,aritu da plan betol2,pas xjd lop..
umh,mex tox noti laa spet taep nim..he
blo oumh nap tubeb !! i waitting foe you last year ag kwn..
asyik2 plan xjd..
hopefully esop kte dpt hangout skli..
xnak da dgar alasan kowg..
love you fwenn!

truly..FARAH <3

Saturday, December 11, 2010

weee,yeeha!epi oum on the fon wiff my old fwen(mclin) tadi..
smpai abes kredit i..haha
but its okey,so long not speak wiff my members..huhu
i very2 mish you n the others member of our groups..haha
so many story that we have shared this day..
ERHH,ta pecaya laa,my fren yang waraks uh da jd rawkss !ahaha
(rawks mean bukan sperti dlu laa)ehe
tu laa,kate kt org da kene...apolas!ahaha
so,the end! ehehe

truly..FARAH <3

hmmm,geram oumh nam youu!!!eii
hard too say..but i wanna complain here..
ermmm,geram,geram,geram teramat! 
siap you! dunwant to be friend wiff you until you delete that thing!errhh
but dis is

truly..FARAH <3

birthday gurl

happy besday to mae cousin ,farisa humairah,,
wooho,epi ssgt smbut besday smlm..aha
lcu teramat bile tgop ibu2 dan bpa2 maen rbut krusi..haha
me??urh,malu laa nk maen,.,he
just tgop n amep pic jew..

truly..FARAH <3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


bnyk lew bnda yg blaku aini..(ehem,kecek mlayu do)ehe
oum,first,saya melakukan perkara yang amat diluar jangkaan..he
we just a little longer want to live with one another..erhh,strez gilew td..
mcm nap pcahs ajew kpala ini..he
tp,dgn kuasa ALLAH,kami sempat mengucap dan berfikir baik-baik..ehem
oleh itu,keaadan pun menjadi laa baik..ehhe
walaubagaimana pun saya amat berterima kasih kepada ALLAH kerana memberi kekuatan 
kepada saya dan dia untuk terus bersama..he

mm,second,im so happy today!feel like i will be a millionare (tp lbh ag laa)..ehe
ari ni,kambing bertemu dengan saya!haha
didalam hujan yang gerimis,ribut petir,angin kencang(nawop)hehe kambing
sanggup datang m see me..he
act,tjuan die,saya mau kasi bnda p teramat rindu,kami sempat bermain hujan..haha
bersyukur sangat dapat jumpe die tadi..thanks ALLAH again for give me
sadness+happiness today..segala yang berlaku adalah dengan ketentuan ALLAH!ehe
kambing siapa??huhu(hanya dia saja yang tahu)ngee
p/s:to kambing..maaf menggunakan gelaran ini..he

Sunday, December 5, 2010


i find dis picture from my fwen fb..ehehe (cuwi jap)..ngee
mish you all so much long not see ..
mish our time together..kidding,play!
since im no longer wif you all,i think everything has changed! :(
i want you back my fwen..
mish our past memory !

Saturday, December 4, 2010


fight wiff him ..!!
dis owes happend in any relationship of couple!arrh
im so stress now..we like not known each other rite now..
you n me are not understanding now..
i hope we will be just like first we meet dear..
me n you fights,mutual

ERrrh!!! one more prob here,
 im in headache now!!arhh feel like dis world has broken..uhh
im not in mood dis day..
i feel that my dear do not care about me when i was in dis
very sad rite now..
i hope no more shadow just like dis..em

Thursday, December 2, 2010

HEyyO back mae blogger!
uhh,mish to write over u blogger..lolx 
yesterday i come back to KELANTAN !
ALHAMDULILAH,i arrived safely..
here i feel like im very close mif mae DuCk(motmat wawan)hehe
today i felt relaxed because there is no more annoyance from vehicle noise...wooho! 
This morning,it was funny story here,my bedroom door does not open and have to damaged so then 
i can get out from the bedroom..haha
AND,at 10 o'clock today,i have extra physics classes at school..
OMG!im very happy to see my classmate again even if only temporary..
love you FRIEND!
so,i stop here for this time..see ya! <3

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WHOho! HEy the city of MALAYSIA!

YEAY! lastly,i have an opportunity to go to da city!
 although i am the SPM candidate next year..huh
so,i will rarely ontheline !see ya ma blogger n fb!
n so,i will leave mae WAWAN here that currently sitting the important exam!
duntworry mae dear,i will come back here on 1.12.10 ..
will mish you NOTY duck!


OMG!hard to believe that finnaly i got this.,
after persuade my popa n momma tu buy dis...
however,im very thankfull to ALLAH n my parents foe give me dis present
even though have to wait long! LOVE YOU UMI N PA

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


GOOD LUCK foe da SPM candidate..
espcially foe my WAWAN! wat molex dea yuyan!he
act smlm start exam,but fara bwu uat dis blog..
so soe lamat wish!huhu


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