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Friday, August 19, 2011

It's amazing how someone can break your heart and
 you can still love them with all the little pieces 

So speechless..but
IM OKAY.. (^.-)
chill girl..

p/s: be strong FARAH! you can face it.. =)


Olla!  mcm xsnonoh gitu kang tittle post ni =)
act,sdg membara ni..huhu
wlaubgaimana pun,i'm so proud of that girl!
cite nyee mcm ni..
ade laa sowg girl ni,ntah ape bajet cunn ke..
klau bolei nk jantan layan die jee sorg..erhh
girl,for your information,sy xde mse laa nk layan peminat awk tu..
die yg msj sy dlu..n sy xpenah pon lyn ..
so,dont worry laa,your fans xkn ilang laa..dah laa awk tu cntique kann;)
tp kan girl,tlg jgn pernah mengutuk sy dri blkang ...teramat xsuka tu!
sakit sampai dalam usus rase awk buad perkara bodoh tu..
klau laa awk bkn classmate sy,dh lme malukan awk okay..
so,watch out okay!

p/s: sy xcmpur hal org klau org xmnyusah hal sy...and one more thing,sy sgt bersyukur dgn ape yg awk da ckp ttg sy..thanks a lot!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so long not updating my blog..:)
miss it rite now..hee
so,today ..i would like to talk about friends...
besides family,friends are the most important think in our life..
so..the picture up there my bff..I REALLY LOVE THEM..
starts from form1 until form3 we have share our  joy and sorrow..
not only 3 years we have be together then our love stop...
until now,me and them always contact..
but,maybe our love did't like past..
its okay i accept it..
they have their life..pluss i'm far from them..(T.T)
i really love them!

here is my new friends...
starts from form4 until form5 and sooo on...
okay,I LOVE THEM...really love them..
so many thing we have do together...
studying together...
and we have establish a group..
that is JOHN'S group..haha
so,that all...hee
nothing to say anymore..
althought my new friends far from me.. 
but they always in my heart!:)

p/s:im sorry if my english broken..haha


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